Clash Royale Review: How to Become the Best Clash Royale Player

Clash Royale has grown in popularity due to its impressive tower defense and a satisfying game plan that is rewarding. The game is full of fun, and it is fascinating to play. It keeps on getting regular updates from Supercell with new cards and content making the game, even more, exciting to play.

How the game works


Clash Royale is a real-time game where you need to survive the incoming wave of enemies by use of a defensive tower. You have to be good at balancing both defense and attack. You should come up with a good defense strategy while at the same time sending units to attack your opponent’s towers. The field has two lanes. The path you choose to send units to attack your enemy’s towers will have an effect on your strategy. You can decide to use only one lane. However, this option may leave the other lane defenseless giving your opponent a clear path. Once you have succeeded in destroying your opponent’s tower, you can choose to place your units deeper into the enemy’s territory.

Clash Royale’s system will allow you to activate your units and spells by playing a card. You need to build your deck before each battle. There are a lot of factors to consider when building a deck. You need to pick units that complement each other. It is advisable to pack in cheaper units and try to balance the deck out to avoid being defenseless while your energy gets recharged. You can also upgrade your cards outside of the battle.

Winning tips and tricks


· Join a clan: you will increase your chances of being granted with good bonuses when you participate in a club. A clan will allow you to borrow cards from your fellow clan members whenever it is necessary. You can also give away the extra cards you have to the fellow clan members to earn free coins and progress to the next rank.

· Do not forget your chests: chests contain precious cards, gold, and rewards making it the most valuable thing in Clash Royale. Free chests are usually given out to players multiple times a day, and you should watch out not to miss them. Open your chests on a regular basis to continue earning yourself many rewards.

· Use the attack and defend strategy: you increase your chances of becoming victorious in a game if you learn to balance attack and defense properly. Populate your army with units that have multiple uses to achieve this quickly.

· Upgrade the units you use: you should prioritize advancements that will fit your strategy. Single out the cards you use most and try to upgrade them.

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